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Creation Kit Issue

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So this is a new one on me...


I've been trying to place some new NPCs into my mod.  I've gone to Riften and Solitude to place them though and the cities "aren't right" for lack of a better term.  Riften is missing half the docks, the stables and the carriage for starters.  The paving stones are missing on the road out of Riften also. 


I placed my NPCs, laid down a few patrol idle markers for them, linked ref everything per tutorials (done it before with the existing 40+ NPCs) and the new NPCs aren't spawning


I have similar issues in Solitude where half of the ground isn't showing in the CK (along with some ground clutter objects).  It's making Solitude look like a bad trip on a roller coaster.


Anybody ran into anything like this before?   More importantly, how did you fix it?  lol



Just to eliminate this from the discussion, I only had Skyrim, Update, Dawnguard, SkyUi and my mod loading into the CK.  I also use Mod Organizer to keep 95% of my mods out of the game files proper.   My normal pattern is to mod on the CK outside of MO (to keep any mods in MO from messing with stuff), then test the mod in a SKSE run base version of skyrim, THEN go into MO and play test with all 220 mods loaded, lol.

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Yes, and that was my mistake with Riften.  I was trying to place Sentries right outside the city and I should have been in the Tamriel Worldspace version of Riften for that.  In the case of Solitude though, I was in it's worldspace and trying to pace Sentries inside the city.  The only thing I forgot to try before I gave up and reinstalled Skyrim and the CK was using the F5 key to try to refresh the cell


I'm chasing so many secondary bugs that have appeared in my mod from that day or so though I haven't even had a chance to place new sentries and see if THIS issue was resolved.


Thanks for the reply though. :)

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OK, so a quick bit of checking shows Riften is normal with my mod disabled....   SOOOO, that means I somehow unintentionally did this.


Anybody know an easy way to restore Riften to it's normal condition?



EDIT:  NVM, I already rolled the mod back to it's last update.  That undid the damage, and now I can start hammering out the work I lost.


Irony; somebody on the Nexus forums reminded me that undoing exterior cell changes was within TES5edit's powers.  I really need to learn to use TES5edit better. :)

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