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Lovers plug-ins descriptions

Guest Donkey

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Stared by Ganchin on the old wolflore forum: What this does give simple instruction on the various plug-ins by the lovers series.


The following is a brief description of the addons and what is what when it comes to the Lovers with PK mod. Addons are all stacked by alphabetic order to make it easier to look for certain addons. Enjoy

-----------------------  Main  -----------------------
Lovers with PK.esm - Base system
Lovers with PK.esp - Extended System
LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp - Controls Animations

----------------------- Addons -----------------------
LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp - PC can talk to NPC about having sex. (Desposition needs to be 75 - 100 to work)
LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp - Adds a Pillory to animations.
LoversAphrodisia.esp - Addes the need for sex.
LoversAphrodisiaHUD.esp - Displays a bar to show how lust filled PC is.

LoversBackup.esp - Backup or load previous animation coordinate adjustment.
LoversBCMSound.esp - Adds various sex voice during sex animations. With the lovers with pk spell you can change up to 7 voice types.

LoversBed.esp - Gives the option to use a bed during animations.
LoversBorn.esp - Adds the ablity to become pregnant and have children.
LoversBrothel.esp - Adds a brothel in Elven Gardens District.

LoversClubCats.esp - Under ground gambling club. Trap door beside fireplace in Sisters lodge in Skingrad. (Gamble on fighters like in arena and can take part yourself.)
LoversClubCarsSx.esp - Makes dancers strip in gambling club.
LoversContraception.esp - Adds contraceptives to inventory and shops.
LoversCreature.esm, LoversCreature.esp - Summon creatures.

LoversDiag.esp - Diagnosis conflicts between mods and lovers addons.
LoversDoctor.esp - Adds a Questline, Clothing and Animations.

LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer.esp - Can escape from NPC raping PC. (Block button)

LoversFSE.esp - Sex sounds a bit of hard explanation you hear the clashing sound of dick entering a pussy sounds.

LoversGroup1.esp - You need to have 2 NPC follow you, use the spell and a group sex animations kicks in, and you take part.

LoversHelpRapeVPlayer.esp - Nearby NPC will help PC escape from being raped.

LoversJoburg.esp - Actually this a full thing, it offers wide range of options like dialog between npc and npc to player, also stalker options etc..

LoversLandE.esp - Adds bars for armour, shield and weapon health. As equipemnt health falls NPC's become more aroused by PC and will try to rape you. When PC is killed NPC will have sex with PC which will revive character. Also there can be a bad endding in which PC is teleported to a castle and is repeated raped by homeless people. (Don't save when this happens as equipment can be lost).
LoversLight.esp - Gives you the option with left ctrl button to light the area during sex, specially useful if you are in a dark area.
LoversLoveJuice.esp - After having sex gives potions.
LoversLoveMucus.esp - After having sex gives alchemy items.

LoversMB2.esp - Adds ablitiy to masterbate.

Lovers_NA.esp - Adds night time arena fights. If you win the fight you get an option to rape opponent various ways.
LoversNecrophilia.esp - NPC will rape PC when killed.
LoversNoGreeting.esp - Stops NPC greeting after sex.
LoversNTRburglar.esp - Spell when cast on NPC makes them a target for burglary and rape.

LoversPayBandit.esp - Can pay highway men, inn keepers or guards with sex.
LoversPower.esp - Adds power buffs after sex.
LoversProstitute.esp - Adds 2 Prostitute Night Elfs at Imperial Garden District.

LoversRapeman.esp - Quest/Job as rapist (Male Only)
LoversRaperS.esp - Addes the ablity to rape NPC's and NPC's to rape PC.
LoversRapeSlave.esp - Repeated rape of a NPC can be enslaved. (What translation said)

LoversSelf.esp - When sleeping in bed a copy of your player character is created then sex animations kicks in.
LoversSetBody.esp - Selects the correct body for when NPC/PC are naked for sex.
LoversSetScale.esp - Changes the Scale/Height of NPC when animation begins to make characters fit better together.
LoveShack.esp - Testing ground for various lovers plug-ins serves no purpose. To get there use command coc aaaLoveShack.

LoversTachiCat2.esp - Spell that can make two NPC engage in sex.

LoversVoiceSSP.esp - LoversVoice system integration to display subtitles while playing animations.

TamagoClub.esm + HyokoClub.esm - Substitue for lovers born and lovers born 2, Tamago Club is a pregnancy mod for the PC and NPCs making this one of the most complete plug-in for lovers series.

LoversHVirus - Adds the ability to contract a deady virus due to intercourse Comparible like aids is in real life. Be careful there is a chance npc will die after contracting it. Not sure about player character though. 

LoversMagic - Adds more spells to your game , one of them is summoning a succumbus to you. also able to resurrect the dead and turning them into sex dolls.

LoversStupidNPC - a large dedicated plug-in who adds lots of different npc to your game, one of them is a sex cult, donkey baker. special love stalker also nudest.
-------------------- Helpful Links --------------------
Link to untranslated Japanese page with lovers with pk and addons: http://wiki.livedoor.jp/oblivion_jp/d/Lovers%b4%d8%cf%a2MOD%b0%ec%cd%f7

Wolflore Main lovers with pk topic: http://wolflore.enmesharra.com/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1125&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Wolflore Help topic: http://wolflore.enmesharra.com/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1143

Wolflore Current lovers with PK english translations: http://wolflore.enmesharra.com/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1198
(Check Donkey, Ashal and Hadoki posts for the latest translations.)

----------------------- Credits -----------------------
All credit goes to the people who made the mod and also the people that have spent there personal time tranlating this so we could all enjoy it.

Last updated: 06/02/2011

if there are still plug-ins missing in the descriptions please report them i will add them later. Allot was lost after the old forum got deleted and new wolflore created. But i still manage to save some important stuff.
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It depends if they all get proper updates for latest version, then yes they will. There are still a few that should not be mentioned anymore to avoid confusion like lovers shack.  But if i remove them others will still asks what the shack does etc..

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First post here, I have to say thank you guys for your wonderful work. Even though some add-ons are missing, it's much more important for me to have a limited functionality that is guaranteed to work.


That said, I got the full 317Mb archive a few days ago from the scratchpad wiki site that is labeled Lovers 1.4.1 Rev 85 that is self contained and includes a readme signed Donkey. Same person as our moderator, I don't know. :) But the reason I'm mentioning it is because it has a whole bunch of .esm and .esp that are definitely translated (or at least mostly translated) and working inlcuding LoversCreature.esm and .esp. Maybe some of those can be reused?


I tried doing that, but I can't figure out which textures and meshes go with those extra add-ons.


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You can add this to Loversgroup. If you have LoversLandE and lose to a group of bandits while having the spell active, the animation also kicks in. The only problem is I always end up in the behind position even if I'm female. Might be meant for male PCs?

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Guest Donkey

Just like the suggest prevents an enemy from dying when he or she is raped. keeps her alive till sex ends, then he or she dies.

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Thanks for this encyclopedia of plugins man, now I can start my collection!! Is it true there are a few plugins missing right now though? I cant remember for sure, but I think when I was looking at the requirements for some other plugins, it mentioned lovers mods that weren't included on this site (I think, but my memory, sometimes it gets dampened by the magical effects of strong marijuana you see, so you'll have to forgive me haha)

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I've never heard about LoversBCMSound' date=' so I can't find where it is.

But I want it. Would someone help me plz? and sorry for my bad english hahaha ;)



I think it is obsolete, what this plugin does is already implemented in LPK rev.89 and rev.90.

You can have up to 9 voicesets whit the help of some voice packs availables in this site.


Here are some excellent anime voices:






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LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp - Adds a Pillory to animations.


LoversGroup1.esp - You need to have 2 NPC follow you' date=' use the spell and a group sex animations kicks in, and you take part.


Great thread, explained a lot of things I didn't know about these add-ons.

Can you elaborate on LoversAnimObjectsPriority please? I have this but never really understood what it does. I don't see what pillory it adds... But a few of the sex animations involve the girl's hands pressed against an invisible wall, so I'm thinking that's where the pillory comes in, but it definitely doesn't appear in my game.

Also does anyone have a working link for LoversGroup1.esp? All the links on google are removed/broken. =/



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where can I download LoversShack?


Note: Not sure if this needs any meshes/textures/other AND it is NOT translated. If there is a translated version I haven't found it on my archive drives. Also this was for lovers 1.4 v78 so it may have compatibility problems. As to what it does...I don't remember anything other than it was a brief flash in the pan deal that likely was just a proof of concept mod.

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