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need assitance in porting this mesh

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Your User Versions in the NIHeader are wrong.  They need to be 12 and 82, not 11 and 34.


Basically it is a broken FO3 mesh and not a Skyrim one:

It has BSShaderPPLightingProperty and not the Skyrim BSLightingShaderProperty.

The strings in the BSShaderTextureSet are for FO3, not Skyrim.

You still have NiStencilProperty and NiMaterialProperty and Skyrim might freakout when you add it to the CK, much less try to look at it in the game.

You're missing the BSDismemberSkinInstance so I doubt it would even work in FO or NV at this point.

Your mesh faces are strips and not shapes.  Fine for a rock or a building, not fine for clothing or armor.  Change the NiTriStrips to NiTriShape.

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the helmet looks great in skyrim the only issue I have now is that hair clips through the helmet. Is there anyone way for me to remove this clipping?


Vanilla hoods and helmets avoid this by occupying the hair slot (31)


So if you add slot 31 to the helmet's Armour Add-On (as well as whichever slot it actually uses) it should make hair invisible when worn.

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The helmet part of the nif doesn't have a BSDismemberSkinInstance.  It doesn't matter what slot is used in the CK, when the game processes the slot swap when the helmet is equipped it won't register the helmet.  Gotta have that dismemberment instance on that section of the nif or it won't work as intended.

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