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Armor conversion question

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I am looking to convert Forbidden Ebony Armor from here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21547-sevenbase-conversions-bombshell-and-cleavage-bbp its setup for 7B Cleavage im using UNP-B Pregnacy rigging it and reshaping it isnt a problem at all but im left with what i assume is the reason cleavage works a strip of skin attached between the breasts my questioin is could i remve that im a newb to mesh editing really I use Gerra6's tools mostly but have all the prereq's to do it by hand if this could def be done. This only is needed ofc for the open chest version the other 2 you cant see the chest at all and this is for personal use only I have yet to release any conversions ive done and dont have much plans atm to although been tempted to go get permissions and do it.


Heres a closeup SS of the flap its not the easiest to see to me in this shot but best i got im mid process of running the cuirass meshes though the rigger to get the belly weight/bones added.





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Generally what I usually do is after I do a conversion is to paste the armor/outfit into a copy of my players body if it allows me to and then I run it through mesh rigger which will usually fix any clipping if there was any. Usually by replacing the body the nifs file size will usually drop in size. Mostly I do it with any of the older UNP bodies because the older UNP bodies will not survive going through mesh rigger to add TBBP and belly node and I also use it to replace a CBBE body that was converted to UNP as the converted CBBE body will still be using the CBBE UV map.


A few oblivion bodies get that mark between the breast I believe it has something to do with too many vertices too close together. Gerra6 fixed one of the oblivion bodies that was doing it by increasing the gap between the breast. 

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So you saying copy my target body using nifscope and swap out the original body then run it though rigger would be all thats needed? I was thinking i may have to bust this tut out again http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22771-skyrim-blender-armor-conversion-tutorial-update/open the 2 meshes up in blender and do a swap the bodys out im rathier slow and rusty at blender i last used it months ago before these tools came out and I only recently got involved in skyrim or converting again a month ago.

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After I have converted say a UNP armor to UNPCM with Gerra6's clothing converter I make a copy of the converted nif and a copy of my players body that I use as a template. I then load up the armor/outfit into nifskope and right click a armor/outfit piece and go to block - copy branch then load the body nif and right click scene root and go to block - paste branch save as and repeat till all parts have been transferred over then I copy the name of the armor/outfit then delete the converted nif and rename the new one that I pasted the parts into to the armor/outfits name then throw it into Gerra6's mesh rigger to add TBBP and a belly node and redo the weights.

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Ok ty Ill give that a shot it will take another hr or so for all the auto work to be done im playing skyrim at the same time and my pc should of been shredded years ago lol.


Edit: just got weight 0 mesh done looks good i don't see any clipping the annoying tit strip = gone thanks man this is alot faster than using blender at least from the standpoint that i don't have to do shit for most of the work.

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Didnt work to well 0 weight is 100% fine 





But 100% weight major clipping even after rerunning it though the rigger as you said and the body explodes .1-.99





Its to late for me to wanna start this but im probably gonna just do this manually in the morning with both meshes unless someone has a idea especially on the explosion if i only have to open 1 in blender and tweak great. Both nifs are the exact same size 2.54 mb and i wont settle on a no slider i run pumping iron i want to see the increase in weight.

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Not sure on max weight as I usually only convert one size either the _0 or the _1 depending on what the breasts look like. Like 7BASE bullet boobs the _0 body will convert like crap because of the way the boobs are shaped but using the _1 body instead everything converts better.


If the boobs are coming through the outfit then that would mean that there is something different between the 2 meshes or the max weight doesn't have the same nodes and weight painting as the _0 one does. If the _0 one is coming out perfect you could just make a copy of the _0 one that you ran through mesh rigger and run it through the clothing converter and use your _1 body as a template instead of the _0 body template. Then just rename the converted one using the 1 body to the _1 outfit/armor name. 

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