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[Mod Question] Is there any way to use two versions of same follower?

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Hello, dear forum users.


While searching through Nexus, I found several follower mods with different... variations of each followers.


For example, Lamae Follower (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63365/?) or Poet Follower (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/45862/?) each supports 1P and 2P color of one follower. 


Suppose I like both, or all three versions of those followers. (albeit that there differences is only on their cosmetics) Is there any way to use all of them simultaneously, in one game? I suppose changing .esp file name woudn't make much difference, because essentially they are all same files. (I did not try this, so I might be wrong) Should I change their in-game names? CK tool? Please give me guidance.


Many thanks.

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I'm so sorry to ask this much, but can you please go step-by-step? It's my first time using TES5Edit; I opened it up and found the target .esp, but I do not know what to do next. My guess is that I should do something with either Non-Player Character (Actor) submenu or right click [XX] yy.esp menu, but I'm just lost. 

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You'd have to expand the ESP,


Pick each Category, Copy as New Record,


It'll ask where, You want to make a new ESP and You'll have to name it.


You should have every category and new record in your new esp, make sure they don't overwrite each other, by checking to see if they colored.


Then basically you exit the program, it'll ask you if you want to save.



Since your just starting out on TesVedit its pretty important program it should be something that every serious modder that wants an awesome game should cut their teeth on.


I suggest rather than say trying to make a follower first, that you should watch the You Tube videos on their page on how to use this program.


I cannot stress enough just how awesome a tool TesVedit is.


The next most valuable tool is


Xedit Script




Anyway, you seriously can develop an entire mod from TesVedit no joke.

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Just few more questions... "Only group records can be added to files" error shows up when I try to copy file header, and "please enter the prefix/suffix that should be removed/added," "following files will be master~" message shows up when I try copying. Should I just ignore them all and proceed with black space? 


And the "cell" submenu does not have "copy as~" option.


So sorry to bother you this much...

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I once had the original Mei duplicated and had Mei2 as well. I renamed the esp to Mei2 but you also have to seek out the esp reference in facegeom and rename it there as well. Anywhere you see a reference to the esp in the files, rename it. I was using AFT and it treated both as a single entity but they were both there in game. I couldn't use them both in game as followers under AFT at the same time but there are other ways to handle followers now (MHIYH 4.+) so it may well be possible to have them both follow at the same time .  Just make sure every reference to the esp in the files is renamed.

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