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Annoying Decapitate Glitch


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After updating the Better Vampires 6.7 mod, and following all the instructions to do so, I seem to have acquired a glitch where if I hold shift, the decapitate textures appear around my character's neck and then disappear..it constantly sounds like something is being removed and put back into my inventory which is VERY irritating. Could anyone help me pinpoint what's causing this? I have 200+ mods, and I don't know how to list them, or how to do that papypus stuff. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled skyrim via steam and the issue is -STILL THERE-..so I'm kinda at wit's end now. ><

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this isn't going to help you much. but i had a similar problem. that also had the annoying sound effect of something getting removed and put back. and i fixed it by doing a clean install of skyrim. no mods nothing and then adding them one by one. starting from scratch in short. so that later when it was already too late found out that some animation files were being overwritten in fnis for some weird reason. if literally everything else fails you will have to do the same. and with more care. because every little change matters in modding. every single one of them X(

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