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Problems With EFF4

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Hi Im here because i get no response on my question on Nexus and i really need to find out if i got a problem or EFF have a bug that i cant live with.


This is from another gamer:


"Yes when you make an npc interact with a bed / chair / cooking pot / whatever, they are supposed to continue to interact with that object after you press Tab, and they will continue until you speak to them again and say "Follow me". It works with AFT, and you can issue commands to multiple followers that way. That's what I meant by the EFF sandbox bug."



I make the NPC nr 1 interact lets say "use bed"......that works but when i am going out of that "cursor mode" to talk NPC nr 2  , nr 1 NPC rises from bed and says "is that all" where   NPC nr1 should stay sleeping until further orders ex "Follow Me".


If you want to place 2 NPC's in 2 Milking machines you cannot because the first you adress rises from the machine when you adress the other .... thats for all ordered  interactions in general....


Question: Is it my Game or a bug in EFF4...?


Please react to this ....Please share your experience with this


Thank you



Edit:   Answer......."Using either the vanilla follower system or EFF, "I need you to do something" works on only one NPC at a time. After they've completed your instructions and you tab out they will be released as a follower. It's always worked that way. If AFT can control more than one follower through the "I need you to do something" command, then it's doing it by modifying scripts. That's the last input I can offer on the subject".

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