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Final Fantasy XV DirectX 12 Tech Demo


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Guest endgameaddiction

Unless your a obnoxious little spoiled brat who gets everything you want, or swimming in cash from Hong Kong to Frisco, there's much better ways to spend 4k.


Eyecandy indeed. Sadly my budget doesn't cope with my wallet all that well. It'll be 120+ years before I can handle 8k textures alone.

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I'm more then sure that 4 Titans X it's just for a show. And it's not a game Demo, it's a tech Demo from 2013 adopted for DX12 and 8k. The question is, can we see in the near future games with this level of details, sure thing, but will somebody invest in developing them, I don't think so, because consoles. So may be late 2016 and only PC.

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