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[Request] Crucified, whipped Stormcloacks and "wheeled" Imperials


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Hi' I'd like to ask for a mod adding female crucified SC soldiers outside Imperial controlled cities (maybe even mass crucifixion near roads, like the attached one here I made in-game with a lot of effort and console abuse ) and Imperial legionettes put on wheels in Stormcloacks holds as well.
Maybe with empty crosses and wheels to use.

Thanks for your time and sorry if such request had been already posted elsewhere :)


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Its really easy to made.


Open CK

Create NPC.

Place your furnitures.


For each NPC, add a AI package.

Use the Sit target one. disqble the dialogues options.

Choose the furniture the NPC will use.


Place your NPC near the corresponding furniture.




Launck Skyrim and enjoy.

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