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[REQ] Night to Remember party revamp?


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can't stand the end of A Night to Remember. the prince of debauchery in full heavy armor and a buncha dudes drinkin. seems more like a Fantasy Football draft than a hedonist party.

needs all women, or a mix. unclothed, or in various weird outfits; furry heads, gimp suits ect. i dunno, something. anything's better that what looks to be happy hour after a softball game.

i found this for Sangy...



is there any mods out there for this?

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I suggested some changes to that quest in the Solutions quest thread. I don't know if Wraith will use it but he has been using a lot of my suggestions. Though it will likely be a long time before he gets around to it. Though he won't change the armor, since all he does is add new dialogue options.


Though if anyone might be interested in making a revamp mod for that quest it is Skyrimll, he has several mods about him and I do agree that is one of the quests that kinda begs for a full revamp with some LL love.

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