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Need Help Combining Textures


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I'm Currently Trying To Create A Mashup Of Real Girls & Mature Skin. Thing Is It's Been 3 Years Since I Last Made Texture Mashup, So I Might As Well Be Learning For The First Time (Again) So If Anyone Could Point Help Me Out I'd Really Appreciate It.


The Things I'll Need Are As Follows



1, Info On What Software To Use (Gimp??? Or Texblend??? Or Whatever Else...)


2, A Link To A Tutorial If Possible (Preferably Video, But A Text Doc Will Work Too)




I Apologise If This May Be Hard To Read For Some, I'm Blind In My Left Eye And Capping The First Letter Of Each Word Is The Only Way I Can Understand My Own Typing/Handwriting

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Gimp (free) or Photoshop (not free) works fine if you are just trying to mix and match pieces of the textures. It's what I use all the time when creating my own textures.


If you're going to use Gimp, make sure to also download the .dds plugin for it as well so you can edit the textures in the first place.



As for a tutorial, I honestly wouldn't know where to look sorry. I already know my way around the programs pretty well, so I never even thought to find a tutorial anywhere. It's just like editing any other image really.

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There is also paint-net which is also free it's kind of like photoshop this will also need the .dds plugin for it so that you can load .dds files into it. Thing that is nice with paint-net is that you can either drag and drop textures on top of the texture or you can drag and drop multiple texture files and use the open instead of the add layer and move from one to the other and take the parts that you need and transfer them to the first texture file.

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