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Sexout mod installing

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I have read the faq about sexout etc.

I did download NVSE and i can launch the game trough nvse exe. I got steam. 

Now, i dont know what to do cause it gets "more complicated" since im 100% new to any kind of modding in gaming, but looked very nice to try this.


Would appriciate any easy explaination. 

I just want this game to be adulty and dirty for me! me and my girlfriend are looking forward to any help.( she loves playing with me, and the sexual gaming part.) lol


Anyways if anybody could lead us in the right sex-way to get this game nasty we truly appriciate it!

Oh its New vegas btw.

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Everything works perfect now.....


I downloaded smallertalk and sexoutsexlite.


Now i can have naughty conversations and sex... 



When i have sex i dont "see my character" fucking the girl. Like kind of bugged i dont see 100% of everything. Also on the mod config i selected them to undress, but she and him still have "underwear" on.

boring. I wanna see the dirty stuff. 


Any links to mods to get the girls fully naked and able to see pussy and asshole? Litle more realistic maybe?

Also i cant see my dick or anything.

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