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SexLab Framework Update Bug

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Hi everyone, I'm really new to this (this is my first post) and I don't really know if there are any specific things that i need to put up in addition to this post. I have two problems:


Basically, I've been trying to get the SexLab Framework v1.59c to work with my Skyrim game. i bought the Steam version and I personally made sure to check that the game was completely up to date (Version I downloaded all of the prereqs and went through every step to make sure they work. FNIS seems to work without any problems and the mods show up in the game's data files, but when I log into the game, it tells me that SKSE isn't working (But SkyUI works fine) and then another popup comes up saying that Sexlabs Frameworks requires Skyrim 1.9.0 or above and that I have to update. 


I have tried to make the mod work with the Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer, and manually and the same thing happens every time. Please help if you can and if you need me to put some more information up I'd be happy to do so.

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