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Most Rape/Dominations mods not working

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I have been having an issue with quite a lot of the rape and slavery mods, for example; I have been using the SexLab Defeat and I am having an issue where some time ago I was able to get it to the point of the aggressor (Either me or the NPC) would walk over and make a motion to undress me, but then they would only stand there. Since then I added Dangerous Nights, SexAddicts, SexLab Submit and SexLab Levelling and of all of them the only one that plays sex animations has been SexAddicts. I am not sure what is wrong and if I could get some help I would greatly appreciate it.


Further Infromation about my interactions about the other mods are as follows:

SexAddicts - Animations work with both genders and all three Sexual Preferences (m/m,m/f,f/f). Not able to do any threesomes but I believe this mod doesn't do that.


Dangerous Nights - Sleeping can cause chances of rape scenes, however Animal or human end up getting spawned in and just simply walk around, or in the human case, end up fleeing in fear regardless of moral stance. Followers and housecarls will talk about the rape but both options end up with the follower/housecarl simply standing there or if in a house, moving around to interact with the environment.


SexLab Submit - Submitting will cause the ususal 500 range nautral zone but the aggressor/s, after having one attack me and knocking me to the ground, end up simply standing there. interactions with the attackers/victim lead to options of threat or bribery but nothing really happens. Bribery or sexual favours lead to them simply standing there. Threats lead them to cower on the spot after getting a choice to loot them.


SexLab Levelling - No rape happened, although I did have an increadible amount of life regen.


I installed the latest files of SexLab Framework, SKSE, SkyUI, FNIS behaviour as of a few months ago, (February)

Below Images are my line up of mods I have active and my FNIS log as well. If there is anything else that is needed please let me know.




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can't give any technical advice... but had many troubles you mentioned myself during several tryouts... my way to resolve problems like this


going back to vanilla install - having a zip-related version as backup helps a lot to save time

then trying several steps .... installing a decent version of NFIS... not all are working well with sexlab and related mods... for example... the newest version 5.3 and beastpack 5.3 isn't working because of missing files again... but 5.1 versions will work (they have known workarounds if there are any failures)... 5.3 FNIs and Beastpack 5.1 will work, too... but I don't know if there are problems in the long view if you are mixing versionpacks


and.. most of all... try to start a realy new game... skyrim has scriptrelated "backups" inside a stored game even you had deinstalled some mods long time before.... it is **censored... :-)


then... try to load your mods with problems at the end of all mods (respect some indications for other mods, though like "start an alternate life", some vampiricmods like "better vampires" or "vampiric thirst" who claimed to be at the end, too... and some mods like "predator vision" won't work well if they are at very early loadorders... but you have to find out your personal order... even if you are using mmo, loot, boss or whatever, if you are looking for problems and don't want to mess skyrim with itself changing loadorders...


strange animationscenes will be mostly reduced to FNIS and maybe some mistakes during install (right locations)... but realy having "not working" mods are not so often (ok, they won't work sometimes with all features, but the main function will be avaiable)... you can mix the mods to have all needed functions, if one won't work...


for example.. I am using "defeat", "sexlabsbeast", "sexlabs solutions", "sexlab slaves", "succubus heart", "more nasty critters", "sexlab aroused" and some others even with strange loadorderdemands from vampiric, succubusmods... and it works with and without ENB


if there won't be a real bug inside some mod you will be on your own and your imagination, what will cause the trouble... it helps to reduce the system and add the mods to the point, where the strange behaviours will start... to locate the problems and go for workarounds...


hope, this will help or give a little hints



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One of my issues is that when I added ZaZ Animations onto the list it absorbed the SexLab tab. So in all honesty I have no idea how to change anything. All it has in the SexLab options is Register Rebuild a list of basic animations and a longer list of animations with a large NO next to those, there is also its patch number and two options for the gag. Is there a way I can change it or do I need to remove ZaZ?

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I have turned it off. So I have now uninstalled everything and now only really have Defeat running of the few, and still I am having an issue where they will go through the speal but when it comes to the rape they just continue to attack me while I cower in one spot or they divert their aggression onto some animal nearby.

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