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Femboys or Traps


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ok i hae searched high and low for a good femboy AKA trap mod all over the internet and can't find any good ones anywhere, preferably a race seperate from the normal ones but doesnt look like a drag queen, please someone tell me you know where one is or of someone trying to make a good one. im losing my already insane mind. down below is a pic for those who want something to refer to >.> 


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So basically you want a petite female like boy body?

Here is an idea, download Equipable Schlongs for females (with balls).

Make a female, reduce the weight to zero and then use racemenu to make the breasts even smaller (or just use bodyslide).


There. There is your femboy.

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Not sure if this could meet your expectation, but here goes anyway:


1. install any children race mod that has a feminine head mesh for the male (like rs children for example)


2. replace the face textures with the smoothest, cutest, most animu face texture you could find (pretty face, adorable face, univision, up to you)


3. now you my boy (or girl), may proceed to fuck around with those poor, poor tiny little face sliders in ece or racemenu.


hope this helps :)

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been trying most of these for awhile now yeah but its a pain when youo use the ADEC body type as your well body and it doesnt do petite too well, and most child races that i have found dont allow naked, just bloomers and such ad for some reason when i use the SOS for females of ANY kind (i have tried like 6 or so) they dont attatch properly and they just float there

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This is the closest thing I could find that matches what you search for. Both mods are from the same creator.


Slim male body

Milkdrinker male texture (No more abs!)


But since they overwrite the male body, every male in Skyrim will look like little elf boy.


Combine one of them with Bodytypes of Skyrim as a custom mesh and you can make it either rare, or player-only, so that you can have some (or just one!) femboys, rather than only. Something I'll have to get around to, myself, as soon as I find a Shemale mesh (I can technically use the Futa mod for females, but I want one for males... Females I can throw the way of Cuntboys)

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