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  1. That was quite the good advice, worked like a charm! Tyvm
  2. Hello, I bought and tried fallout 4 after years of oldrim. I'm quite used to installing mods, using mod managers, and basic troublesoothing. But I have 2 issues I can't for the life of me tackle: -as shown in the pictures, a wierd tint seam around the neck of females (I use fusion bodytype with looksmenu and looksmenu compendium), tried a bunch of different skins but all show this issue around the neck, on some skin this weird tint thing also shows on the nose, plus it shows on vanilla as well. It's as if it's in the wrong direction, with the back in front; -following all guides or tips I could find, impossible to have any body physic, even tried with CBBE to see but to no avail. Physics aren't an issue (as long as bodies and outfits scales during pregnancies I don't mind the lack of jiggle), but I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me towards a solution for that weird tited seam. Help pls
  3. Thank you for the fast reply. Yes, I have blockhead and all the MBP++, but it turns out it may have been because I usually play using Mod Organizer. Out of curiosity I placed all of your stuff directly in the Oblivion's data folder, and by doing so visiting the minotaur camp was doable, no more CTD. But I also de-activated "Battlehorn" and tried a new game to be on the safe side. Either way I'm looking foward to an update
  4. Hello, first thank you for the hard work, it's a welcomed addition when (re) exploring Cyrodiil! I have an issue with the "Minotaur camp" near Battlehorn castle. Everytime I get near to said camp, insta CTD, whereas the minotaur race is just fine. Thing is everything else works as intended except for the minotaur camp. As such I can't play the Battlehorn castle DLC. Any tips? Thank you very much
  5. I used the hotkey, and the point was to use it to apply racemenu tattoos on followers/NPCs, not my own character Of course I'd use "showracemenu" for the PC if ever needed. The MCM menus would get blocked everytime I used Manipulator, wherever via hotkeys or via MCM. But I've purged my .json files and started a fresh new game, looted and tweaked my load order just in case, no problem since then so I guess the problem came from something in there, like the olds setups saves from SL and BF
  6. I don't use MO or any kind of mod organizer, but I doubt that's the problem. Manipulator does save data in a JSON file, but again, I doubt that's the cause. Anyway, path is: .../Data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilData/Manipulator/Manipulator.json I suspect instead a mod conflict, or you didn't clean a save during a Manipulator update. I'll try a clean install and look for anything that could conflict, like old setups .json files of SL and the others. Thanks for your help!
  7. It isn't just about the inflation thing, it touches everything related to MCM menus, like SL, SLaroused, XMPSE and even Vivid weathers MCM menus for instance can't be accessed until I save and reload the game -for exemple if I press the hotkey to select a SL target, nothing happens. It just locks it. The BF thing is the most annoying thing to me but it doesn't just affect BF. Are the changes made with Manipulator saved somewhere? Maybe it is this that disables my MCM and affects BF. Or it could be that something else does it since I don't remember reading anything similar on the previous pages. I'll keep looking and update here if anything's found -edit: I should add that I use Mod organizer, so everthing isn't dropped inside the defaut Steam folder but is taken care by MO
  8. Yo, when I use the function of Manipulator that allows you to change scale or bodypaints (mainly to add tattoos on my followers) via UIExtensions, it sometimes locks all my MCM menus -it is fixed by quicksave/quickload and MCM menus are good again. Trouble is it also resets the values of "Beeing Female" for my pregnant followers, and it does so even when I don't use the said function on them. I tried about six times to make sure, and everytime, after pressing the hotkey to access the racemenu options on a NPC, all the names in the "information" tab of B.F. disapeared and their pregnancy related values were reset. Anyone else has/had that problem?
  9. This mod is awesome! It's really easy to use and neat. Thank you so very much for your work!
  10. I get malware and malicious host alarms every time I log on to Baidu, plus it's all in Chinese or whatever. I would be EXTREMELY careful about downloading anything from that site, even if you used a translator on it and figured out which button is the Download button. I did figure what to click to supposedly download, it evens asks for a captcha but it never does download after that, the page loads for a bit then nothing. It's surprising and upseting because I did download from there about a year+ ago, but I had to unistall and re-install Skyrim since then, and tried CBBE before recently returning to UNPB -so lost all the outfits . That said you're not the only one writing about those malware thing, saw another post warning people, thank you for the heads up / reminder it never hurts
  11. Hey, does someone knows how to download from baidu? I went some pages back to look for an anwser, but the only thing metioned in the last 20 pages is something about the need of a chinese phone number. Is it really the only way to download from there? Also big thanks to JLF65 for the files you re-uploaded, I wanted some of these outfits XD
  12. Blade & Soul Set Conversion for UNPB and 7B Bombshell These set are meant to be used with RaceMenu or Netimmerse Override oh, you know.. NiOverride High Heels No More HDTHighHeel.esm!!! I feel so dumb.. XD Thank you!
  13. Hello, firstly a big thank you for the awesome work you've shared. Secondly, I have a small issue where the feet goes inside the ground -even on plane ones- and no message saying that the HDTHighHeels started appears in the corner when I give a follower one of these armors. Is there a fix?
  14. Aye.. Thanks for the answer at least!
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