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A bit confused about body mods


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Hi! I have been using LoversLab related mods for a while to make my Skyrim playthroughs more fun.


Recently I had format my hard drive. As I now think about what mods I ought to install with my fresh install of Skyrim, I come across a part of the modding that I really haven't gotten the hang of, skin mods.


There are just so many mods coming with each of the skin mods, it's almost infuriating. As I was once again faced with this problem I thought that I would ask the lovely community around here for advice.


So, if I would like to get a skin with the most in game support (for example in terms of amount of original clothing in game modded for it), in what direction I ought to be going for?


I really like to the variety of skin mods around here, I just hate that there are a load of lovely females in my game that in my normal games don't seem to be gaining the benefits of the lovely skin mods.

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I'm not sure i get what your problem is. But installing skins like fair skin, mature skin, sg skin and so on will affect npcs as well. The most supported bodies are UNP and CBBE, though often it's okay to cross body type and armor type with out any major problems. So yeah, if you just install CBBE for example and then get for example sg skin then just remember to get the one for cbbe body type. Npcs will be affected by that as well ^^

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