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Recommendations for monitor?

Mister X

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so I'm planning a new PC for a while now, and I think I got a pretty decent setup. Still, I'm unsure about the monitor.


At the moment I chose the BenQ RL2455HM, and now I want to know if someone uses this and can tell me some experiences, or if someone has another monitor and is happy with it, maybe he can tell me the name of it.


So, what I want from it: 24" (anything bigger wouldn't fit on my desk anymore), 1920p (Full HD) should be enough, not more than 4ms reaction time (lesser would be better, it's the max value), natural color display of course, and 200€ is max budget (~220$ or 150£), less than 150€ is target.


So, to see my current plan for the setup, look here: Component table. So, in no category the best, but still useful for a while.

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