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Skin Complexion Bug [SG FEMALE RENEWAL] [LIFE] [Actual DragonBorn]

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ok simple details


1.I use NMM

2. its been doing this some time after installing LIFE http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26354/?

3.I had SG Female Textures Renewal installed before had (yes conflict I know)http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35267/?

4.this bug only occurs on my Nord females.

5.it only is permanent with the first complexion but will do some sort of overlay load on other complexions once I reload a save

6.affects all saves

7.if I swap complexion and go back on any other nord female complexion other than 0 (out of 4) it will go away (till 5^)






Personally it can look cool if it was just one character :\ her hair is supposed to be black but thats on me :| looks bad this kind of brown anywho idk why scales and a nordic tribal on the forehead or how this even came to be. all I know is what I said above^.csFE5oc.png


complexion 4 (before swap (on load)) HwehQag.png


Complexion 0 (Mid swap)



Complexion 4 (after swap)



Other Nord who I never used LIFE withacQPi72.png


New GameoZ0jkmz.png




now looking into this ive found nothing close and the look is VERY....UP TO SCALE!!! enjoy the pun but I just need to know what files, and what to do. personally I don't think mod load order has to do with this since it stays with any re installation (even after a skyrim re installation). even if I cant find a answer I would at least like to know if im not the only one to get a literal dragonborn...now lets see how big the SCALE of operation can get :> Luv u...  again tho lets solve this


and please guys lets not just slither away...yeah I got no puns for the nordic mark if I did have one im sure it would HIT YOU RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!

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Any mod that adds textures that have scales? Followers, Overlays, something else?

LIFE adds an ESP. What happens if you disable that and only use the textures?

I think the esp adds just some lips, eyes and warpaints. There are better mods for that.


Edit: When you disable the ESP the files for eye shadow and lips need to be moved to vanilla paths. They are in "actors/character/Lithfaces"

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non that add scales what so ever only one that even involves scales is thantos dragon but thats a dragon and a completely separate file


also I uninstalled LIFE. (cant remember) but I think if I reinstall it it gets rid of the scales also (possibly) causes some CTD so its not something I want to run plus I didnt like the look.

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