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Where the hell can i get the milk slave outfit?


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I've got the mod and installed it. Now i have the instruction book.


I traveled to the prison sewer, But i couldn't go in, 


So i used COC teleport cheat to go into the tutorial dungeon.


And i searched every single room but couldn't find it!


Please, is there Anyone who can teach me the EXACT location?


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I can teach you how to find out where such things are located. Yes, this is the old "Give the man a fish" metaphor in effect.


First, you need the CS(E). You could do with just the CS, but with the extender it'll bring what you're looking for right to the top of the list.

So get it, load it up, set the mod as the active file and let it process.


Now, go to the cell window. It should be on " interiors" (yes, that space is not a mistake). If the mod placed something in one of the game's interiors (such as the mod you mentioned), and you're using the CSE, there should be one (and ONLY one) cell that is highlighted. Double-click it.


Now, sort the objects by type. Find "Container". Find the one that's highlighted, right-click it and hit "View". That should bring you exactly to it, and from that point it should be rather easy to get it.


There are much easier ways to go about this, but this one has the benefit of being simple, and since you probably never touched the CS(E) in your life (otherwise you wouldn't ask where to find a container) I figure it's worth taking another minute of your time in order to make sure the process isn't frustrating.

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Yes it is a clothes Mod ! equip, unequip, that's all !

The only Oblivion "milk Mod" I know is Sexlivion/Sexdarkness

A simple Animation but you can "upgrade" the ani with the 3d cum effect ( there was a Lovers3dorgasm Version with breast spray instead of pussy spray)

Original ani has no spray effect you must add it.

Then the milking looks like this

post-3205-0-71142000-1427827427_thumb.jpg NPC squeezes the breasts with arms and milk sprays.



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That milk spray nif could be used with a static object as a special animation like for example the player or npc gets convinced or caught and forced into the milking costume and put into some static mesh say two big jugs with milking apparatus so the player or npc body could move around like wiggle other areas but the nipples would be stuck in the apparatus and when it really got going the spray could come out. I get this idea from PSE mod hello sailor quest where the player and one npc are hanging and have orgasm spray effect near the end of their hanging episode. So you wouldn't have to alter the skeletons or bodies etc just shove the costume wearer into an apparatus and play animations, link dialogue etc. draw a thirsty crowd lol.

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The milking economy mod for skyrim found on this site has the machine I was thinking about if we had something like that for oblivion it would be better:-)


Could put that machine as a spell effect or as a prop on some of the farms in the game and some dialogue with the farmers about making money getting into their milker contraption lol.

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Yeah I found that one earlier:-)


The arm restraints should be in there too but that is details that can be handled later.


The boob size problem could be controlled by script so if player is not at stage x of boob growth progress they can't yet use the milker. Could also be handled by setbody.


I am thinking how a mod like this would play out, the feedbag from what I have read is the place it would work from but I have a different idea for how it works.


Instead of being forced into it, the npc in there offers the use of it as a way of helping him out because business is slow blah blah so he pays the player if they help.


The whole thing of course only works if the player is female I don't see how it would work on a male lol. Maybe the player could get a female companion to use the milker instead of themself it would make it still possible for male players to play the quest.


The feedbag npc says to get started take this potion it will make things get bigger, come back when the boobs are ready, then I am guessing setbody is needed and the milker outfit is given to wear also. Some kind of in game quest update says when it is time to use the milker. Maybe the setbody could take over for the player stuck in the milker too so the biggest has the hoses connected and smaller stages do also so it looks like the hoses are always connected throughout the whole process.


The milking should take a long time and be very humiliating:-) in fact the quest should always start in the morning and finish by 11 pm or before the feedbag npc is scheduled to go to sleep. So while the player is stuck in the thing, random npcs come in to get a bottle of this new drink the feedbag guy is hawking. The dialogue from feedbag npc maybe could be heard? probably enough of it in default dialogue sounds for things like "here you go" and so on during the sale of the drink. Rest of dialogue could be text of course.


At first the tank is empty and the player gets started, the tank fills slowly and as it gets to half way the player boobs finally begin to deflate and by the time the tank is at the top the player boobs are back to normal. The player does not just get out of the milker at that point:-) They stay in there until the tank is empty:-) As the npc sells the drinks the tank goes down so each sale makes it go down a little. The sales stop when the tank is empty. The npc thanks the player and gives them a cut of the profits and says to come back tomorrow if they want to help again. The outfit is removed after the npc has this dialogue with the player as an incentive to get players to do it again hehe:-)


The player stays in the tank as a marketing tool, "come drink the milk of heroes" or something like that, it could even depend on in game accomplishments by the player depending on what quest they completed like the "elixer of the hero of kvatch" or something.


So the feed bad npc is the dialogue way it would work and there could be other places in the game where the player is sold as a slave to the device owner to use the player in it like some farmers... in fact all farmers! could have this thing in their house and the player is a potential sale for the use of this thing. They force the player to drink the growth potion and go into the milker. Npcs from nearby areas will come in and buy the drink from the farmer but maybe the milker will have to be outside? yeah outside with a very humiliating sign next to it. The farmer stands next to it all day taking the sales from nearby npcs that will be scripted to go buy the stuff from the farmer. At the end of the day the farmer takes the player out of the milker and inside their house. This is when the player can be allowed to escape like in PSE it has that "you cannot escape at the moment" thing to keep the player stuck in a quest.


Some side effects ideas...


Side effect of drinking the growth potion causes the player to grow a big penis!


The feedbag npc will have to stroke the penis during milking animations and stops when the tank is full then goes back behind the bar to sell the drink. Same thing for the farmers they will stroke the junk until the tank is full. The penis goes away when the boobs get back to normal size aka potion wears off so the penis is part of the setbody stuff. As the boobs get bigger the penis gets bigger too. There needs to be opening in the shorts of the outfit to have the penis hang out.


So the owning npc is part of the animations, the milker static would have to be added to all farms and to the feedbag interior. I guess the static would not have the hoses sticking out of it so that makes it easier to handle the hoses changing position during stages. There needs to be some kind of dildo on that spike sticking into the pussy and it needs to move up and down during milking too. Probably gonna have to leave that and the leg restraints off the static and show them only during use maybe just a main portion of the spike shaft is part of the static with a smaller shaft and dildo as part of the animations.




The boobs when at the ready stage should be BIG mellon type boobs not the usual preggo bodies I see in set body mods. Use like DM type boobs but BIG so they look like they belong in the milker lol.





While the milker is in use there should be some great sound effects like a large watercooler in use sound BLOOOP BLLOOOOOOOP sound hehe:-) and some kind of sucking sound maybe even one of those funny sounds from old cartoons or something.



EDIT again



Some farmers like quest related are usually friendly towards the player so they would be scripted to ask the player to help them like the feedbag guy.


I think that maybe if the player is caught or sold to a non quest related farmer npc, the first time they are milked and then put away the farmer goes to market with the milk and then comes back. The player would be stuck in the farmer house leashed by scripts to the farmer bed or forced to go with the farmer to market enslaved to see the farmer sell the milk then return back to the farmer home then forced to sleep same hours as farmer. The next day when the farmer goes to milk the player there is a crowd of npcs drawn at random from nearby town/city to watch the farmer milk the player. They could cheer and clap lol then the farmer sells them the milk and takes the npc back inside after the final sale. The player can either try to escape like in PSE mod or stay enslaved to the farmer and milked everyday.




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