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Skyrim Leveling / Character build mods.


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Hey all... im looking for recommendations on mods that edit the way you build a character. For example, building into a ranger, or a paladin, healer , DPS mage or whatever; you know basic roles instead of skyrims "Jack of all trades".

I've been using ACE+Deadly combat, and they are nice.. but even with ACE I dont see much diffrence honestly. Im really looking for a mod that I can set off a skill path and upgrade and work with.

I've looked at most of the mods, like requiem and what not I just don't know what one to use / choose.

Suggestions ? thanks!

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i don't know ACE (at least i think i don't) and right now i play only with the character creation overhaul (CCO)


the most feelable one was for me so far Skyrim Redone (SkyRe) what made the game a challenge; there is a "new" skilltree for Druid players, and the mass of skill points you have to spend forces you to concentrate on few skilltrees instead of the vanilla-all-in-one; so, for example, i could hardly, if at all, be up to date with smithing as well as armor and fighting, so i either had to play a smith who made very good armor and weapons, or a fighter who took advantage of both the armor and fighting skill. Lateron (very later on) of course you are able to perfect the other skills as well, since the skills are unlocked. Besides the enemies became more intelligent and some other features. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9286/

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