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Making Farith playable? Success!


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I really want to do a vampire playthrough of the game and Farith seems like the perfect character to do the playthrough as.


Unfortunately, as far as I've seen, only one person has made her playable and never released it.


I've gotten close, but still no cigar.


So far I've gotten this far:




But I cannot get her hair to import. When I do the import, this is what I get.




When I go to the Sliders menu and try to search for her correct hair, nothing changes. I have 90-something hairs installed and it'll scroll to 14,000+ and never change the hair style.


Also, her eyes aren't the "vampire" eyes. But I'm thinking that might just be because the 'vampire' trait hasn't kicked in yet? As a follower (before I take control of her) her eyes are red.


Anyone got any ideas? Anyone successfully gotten Farith playable?

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game can't import zzzfaritheyes onto femaleeyeshuman, that's your problem


racemenu won't allow you to import farith hairs onto those ones, because source only have 9558 verticles and farith hairs have 15192 verticles

export the head, open farith head, and replace the racemenu hairs with the ones from farith


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Aah, I think I see what you're saying.


Am I exporting the NIF? What program do I use to change data in the NIF? Will the CK do that?


Sorry for stupid questions. I've been modding Skyrim for a long time but this is the deepest I've gotten into it. I'm willing to learn.\


Is there any way to import the eyes? Will it be done the same way as the hair?

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Perseverance (Obsession?) has paid off.




Just gotta' figure out a few things now.


I'm using the "Live Another Life" mod and I choose my start as a vampire yet I have none of the vampire traits yet.


Will Farith get her "fangs" when the vampire perks kick in?


Also, is there any way to manually lighten the skin tone of the head? Need to just a bit.

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Perseverance (Obsession?) has paid off.


~ snip ~


Just gotta' figure out a few things now.


~ snip ~


how did you get the eyes fixed? as for the fangs they worked ok for me...


it's alright... Got it all sorted




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