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File Name: Misc Stuff

File Submitter: Content Consumer

File Submitted: 22 Mar 2015

File Category: WIP / Beta



I realized that a few of the things I've made are kind of scattered about, so I decided to open a thread where I can collect all these miscellaneous little bits.

There's nothing really special here... honestly, this is mostly because I want a second backup online where this stuff won't just disappear if, for example, my HD crashes. Also, I find it somewhat irritating to search through threads to find mods people have uploaded, especially when I can't quite remember the name of the mod, or worse, in which thread it is located.

This may or may not be updated as I make other crap.

  • BF_ScrollMerchant: Adds the "find your children" scrolls from Beeing Female (v2.4) to Phinis Gestor and also to Constance Michel.
  • Sybian Cums: Adds in a couple of items as a response to this thread.
  • Tattoos v3: Adds in some grids and lines to SlaveTats (v1.1) to help making tattoos a bit easier. Also adds some horseshoes.

Note on tattoos: I didn't make those horseshoes. I just took them from the game files and twiddled with them until they looked about right.




Click here to download this file


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