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Latest AMD beta driver 15.3 solves some skyrim fog problems for 5800 GPU series.


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Sounds great. Got a screenshot just to show how it did?


I don't have 5800 anymore plus its from AMD site for drivers they never show that kind of informations.

Prolly some AMD users with 5800 cards had these problems in skyrim and AMD finally fixed it in there latest driver for those cards thats all i have.

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I have the 5800 HD series and definitely have been getting the awful fog/flickering issues in Skyrim which only started with the 14.12 driver.


Even worse, all the previous 14 series drivers were causing a more severe problem - random BSOD's when watching videos inside a web browser. Which was fixed in 14.12. So I've pretty much had to use the 14.12 driver and try my best to ignore the Skyrim graphical issues (unless I wanted to install a really old driver, which I don't).


I was very glad to see this fix in the release notes, but I'm not sure if I want to be a guinea pig for the beta driver... at least not until I have plenty of extra free time in case I need to roll back. It would be better if someone else tested them and reported back. :cool:

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Well, I gave in and installed the 15.3 beta driver. The Skyrim graphical issues are fixed, thankfully.


It will take some time (maybe weeks) to tell if it causes other issues, but it's all good for now.


Also, you may have noticed that if you read a little further down in those release notes, Skyrim is still in the "Known Issues" with a different problem, but I didn't notice it on my system.



Known Issues:

[410336] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Intermittent flickering may be observed when accessing the in game menu


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Sinds launch 11-11-11 played with 5870(can't remember if i had any problems with skyrim concerning fog?) 6970 7970 290x and i had not more troubles then most others with drivers and videocards if i got troubles it was skyrim and mods not my hardware.


Drivers all these years good sinds 2009.


But i know what im doing with my hardware software and how to mod and fix things with skyrim, i even use NMM which give no problems at all.


I have 2800 hours into skyrim play it in 2560x1440p resolution 4k textures heavy on the ENB and mods and i have no problems with 1 290x it rund smooth only sometimes to desktop but thats no real gamebreaker i just login fast again happen maybe every 6 hours or more so np.


I run 45 fps with this resolution and heavy modded 253 mods.


I got this skyrim install for 6 months now still no problems.


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Well... Skyrim has been working flawlessly, but I just got my first random BSOD with the 15.3 beta. :@ That issue was fixed in 14.12 (as I mentioned earlier) and now it's back.


This sucks. I'll probably have to roll back to 14.12 for now, because potential data loss is worse than Skyrim graphical issues. I've been reporting these issues to AMD all along, but I'm not sure if it helps. Older cards tend to get neglected when they release new drivers, even if they're technically listed as being supported. At some point I'll have to buy a new graphics card, but don't have enough incentive at the moment.


I'm not asking you for support, BTW. Just venting and posting the info in case anyone else has these issues. Doesn't seem like anyone else is reading this thread though.


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