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New in Skyrim, new in modding. Some help needed, please.


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Hey there!


Its about 3 weeks ago I bought and started palying skyrim, of course with the DLC's (vampire-stuff, first dragonborn-dude and sims (?)). I guess my rogue is nearly completing her game. Not the main story, but her 'personal' one. Murdering with the black brotherhood and stuff like this.


Im going to start a new game but it should include some mods. Im lurking here since a few days, testing and using some fantastic stuff Im interested in (or got from NMM), but some of those wont work - and Im also looking for more I couldnt find yet (and yes, I used the serach-option). In some threads I was just confused about the tons of links. I hope you can (and want) help me doing the right stuff, because after tons of gamecrashes and activating/deactivating mods in NMM Im getting tired.


Actually Im using:





Evil Lair of Hydra v 1-4-0 (some things are missing, like the woman you can hang opening the trapdoor under her, but thats not that important)

Paradise Halls - Slavers Hideout V 1-4-0 (crashes the game)





Skeleton (XP32, Maximum Skeleton) (Cant move corpses around)

Animated Prostitution (Actually it doesnt work. I can hear th voices and they drop the clothes, but there is no animation)

Estrus (Same like Animated Prostitution)

FNIS (Fores New Idles in Skyrim) 





Paradise Hall Skyrim Slavery (Its working fine I guess)



Hair and Face Model


Enhanced Character Edit 





Paradise Halls Merchant Addon (Not really tested yet)



Models and Textures


CBBEv3M Body Replacer

CHSBHC BBP Nude and jiggly Mode

DIMONIZED UNP female body

SG female texture renewal UNP

Skyrim Flore Overhaul

Skyrim HD 2k Textures

UNP Blessed Body



Races, classes


Temptress Race (the temptress is fine, but I cant cast spells with her right hand. It says it need arrows?)





Calientes Beautiful Bodys Edition - CBBE

ZazResources 1-1a 24023 1-1a (The spells dont work (selecting the animation and then the target) and Ive get no whipmarks using the whips I build from paradise halls)



User Interface





Dunno where to listen





And of course Im running Skyrim with the Script Extender (SKSE). Guess its needed. They are all downloaded by NMM, except the Strapon one which I installed manually.


I also downloaded nexusmods/com/skyrim/mods/24421/?# (I cant copy links. :() (but didnt tryed it yet. It looks like there is also no description how to use the toys or if any other mods are necessary to use it. And, well, here I am. A totally newb in modding, clueless how to fix the sex-mods without crashing the game after the Bethesda-Screen.


Even if you cant help, thank you for reading to the end, or a least clicking the thread.


Help me! :)


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Thanks for the fast replies and the support you give me!


But there are several problems:


First, Ive got no Plugin for FNIS in NMM (even after un- and reinstall and redownloading)


And the second: What is CTD? Ive got no clue.

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Thanks for the fast replies and the support you give me!


But there are several problems:


First, Ive got no Plugin for FNIS in NMM (even after un- and reinstall and redownloading)


And the second: What is CTD? Ive got no clue.

FNIS is a tool you run from Skyrim's Data folder, you can find it at Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_users


CTD stands for 'Crash to Desktop'.

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These are what I usually do. After a clean install of skyrim legendary, I back up my DATA Folder to another folder ( e.g. ORIGINAL DATA )

Then I use NMM to download and install my mod ( well there are people that use Mod Organizer instead of NMM )

Install SKSE, SKYUI, Racemenu, HDT, USKP, FNIS

Use only one type of body ( CBBE, UNP, UNPB, ADEC, 7B ... etc ) just one of them. ( Well I Have 3 Data Folder I am using now. 1 for CBBE, 1 for UNP, 1 is original Data Folder just in case I messed up with the installation ) And it also goes the same with the armor type you are using.

Install FNIS and find "GenerateFNISforUsers.exe" from your game folder and run it each time you install something that has animation. ( Make a shortcut to your desktop to make it easy to run )

Download Loot from https://loot.github.io/and run it to sort the plugins you've installed.

Download TES5Edit and use it to remove identical record.

Download Wrye Bash to make a bash patch.

And run your Game ( Skyrim (SKSE) )

Owh btw Download this too : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51038/?( to help with the CTD problem )

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Back from work and I found the FNIS.exe it was needed to make everything working. Thank you all very much! Now I can have fun with my slaves. Yey!


But Im still missing some audio data. Whenever I talk to them there is never a response - or very less, when I tell them to follow me and they agree. But when it comes to 'I wanna talk with you' they just stand there and say nothing. I guess it would make it much more easier for me and them when they could talk.


Ive got a german client, but that shouldnt be a problem, huh? The few sentences they respond are in english.


What I forget to add at the beginning post: What for Mods do you recommend me with those Ive got above? Or maybe something different? Main theme should be punishment, torturing, bondage and slavery, maybe bestiality with exotic monsters like those Chaurus-stuff thats lurking with the falmer.

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I recently picked up Skyrim again and went with Mod Organizer this time. It is really awesome and keeps everything organized very well. Gopher on youtube made an amazing series on Mod Organizer that covers pretty much everything you need to know about modding Skyrim. He also covers properly installing and setting up common mods with extra install steps like SKSE and FNIS in Mod Organizer (Watch at least #1, #2, #4, #10).

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If you're going to play around with LL mods, Mod Organizer just makes life soooo much easier.  It has its own complications, but you get to know them pretty quickly, and it's hard to REALLY screw things up in the way it's easy to do with manual or NMM installation (unless you obsessively document what you're doing).


And the great thing about Mod Organizer, the really great thing, the thing that makes it the most genius piece of software related to TES modding EVER, is that you can be faffing about with weird and wonderful mods to your heart's content one minute, even completely breaking the game, and then the next minute at the click of a button, be back continuing your "serious" game of Skyrim.


No more "hell, I've screwed this up so bad I can't even play the damn game any more".


That, alone, is pure gold.

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As a fellow noob with skyrim modding here is my 2 cents:


First off you are setting yourself too high goals for your initial build. DO not start with ANY special races, textures, enviromental changes (like skyrim flora) or anything else.  Your initial goal to just install SKSE. then make sure the game loads/worse.  Then install FNIS the the X32 max compatibility skeleton, again make sure it loads/works. FNIS is tricky and needs to run a 'animation compiler' with its own EXE to then generate a modfile that piggybacks your mod list. You need to recompile this overwrite file everytime you add/change your mod list. FNIS has a 'idle animator' spell that can make sure it is working properly.


Your next step is to successfully add a sexy walk, and again make sure it works. Done even bother with worrying about breast animation or collision for now, but if you got lucky you will have breast animation working by now with a sexy walk file as well as properly x32 skeleton and properly FNIS compiled. By the way its a lot easier to get started in this with nexus mod manager, then later switch over to Mod Organizer, which despite what everyone says, is much more confusing to use (but much more stable/powerful).


Finally add a basic body of your choice. dont get a fancy special race package yet, just get the i love cleavage CBBE mod in (or any such mod though the latter is probably easiest to install). then RE-INSTALL the max compatibility skeleton to make sure absolutely nothing has overwritten it, then RE-compile your FNIS overwrite and you should be ready to go.


Only then, should you start playing around with sexlab or installing custom races or anything. I am getting backinto skyrim modding recently after modding oblivion several years ago, and it STILL took me nearly 20-30 hours of troubleshooting to get everything to work with a dozen or so lover lab mods, body replacers, and NPC replacers. 


FYI the hardest of everything you see on Lovers Lab is getting HDT breast/butt collision to work. For god sakes do not even think of trying to get this to work unless you have like three full days to devote to learning it, watching multiple page long tutorials, and hours upon hours, if not days and days of troubleshooting. And by the way when it finally works, you wont even know what you did that made it work. You will just need to never fuck with your mod order again or suffer dire consequences.

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