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lil help - sevenbase armor


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So i just got sevenbase working, havnt had game very long so am new to mods etc...


i have the body part of the mods working awesome just havnt got any armors to work body mods are -



HDT physics extension 

HDT breast and butt physics

chsbhc - bpp

tbbp animation for dragonfly with butt bounce

XP32 skeleton 


am i douibling up on a few of those also im unsure, as i said i'm new. i just want it to look real with boob and butt jiggle, i got my weapons to work fine with HDT euipment and even got the various weapon mods to work....somewhat haha


if anyone could explain what i need to be looking for in the way of armor that would be amazing, or even just links to armor that would also be amazing! Ty 

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Welcome to skyrim modding.  If you have not already done so then choose a mod manager, I use nexus mod manager, but for a new starter mod organiser might well be better, there is a big forum post about setting it up, get that up and running before anything else.  Above all do not rush things, yes you want to start playing a moded game now but taking a bit of time now can save you massive hassle later on.


First thing you need to do is decide which body type your going to use from the 2 you listed, seven base (7base come in bombshell, cleavage or natural versions so you will need to decide that as well) OR chsbhc, though there is a 7base chsbhc around.


Your body type home page should then tell you what it needs to have installed for bouncy bits, and if you are lucky a full installer.


After that you will need to download armour replacers for the body type you choose, that include bouncy bits:)  Note not all amours do include such changes.

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hey guys thanks for the replies, right now im using NMM as it was the first one i got a hold. 


WOW im actually worse off then i thought, am i using 2 bodys?! 




i think i might try a do over, i like the sevenbase body so far though i have had very few succeses with getting jiggly bits to jiggle, perhaps the reason is i am running to many mods for physics?


i' just installed http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/53012/? its working great!


so with armor sets do i have to find the ones that have "HDT TBBP 7b bombshell" is this where im going wrong


I also just installed http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60022/?and thats also working awesome. 



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Looking at your load order picture, it looks like your using 2 texture sets as well, well the 2nd one installed will overwrite the first one, you have real girls and sg texture renewal, you really only want one of them.


And yes the hdt tbbp 7b bombshell is certainly what you want,  though I think from looking at your picture you don't need the chsbhc nude and jiggly and the dragonfly tbbp animations, unless the dragonfly one is a change so they bounce a bit more or less, your best bet is to check each mod and see what it does, though I would say the only bounce and jiggle mod you need is the hdt one.


Though to be honest trying to sort this sort of thing out even for myself makes my head hurt, and I am trying to sort out why the boobs on my character no longer change size, when I use racemenu and change their size, or rather why it does then shrinks back after I exit, bleh:(


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alrighty take 2 - 


Went through my mods again and did as you guys said and got rid of some of the mods that were not actually doing anyhting, will an armor that is only BBP give me physics for butt and breast?. So im looking for clothes that are BBP / TBBP / HDT? 


BBP is breast only 


TBBP is - breast butt


^ is that correct, thanks for having patience with me haha

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