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Naxxramas Dungeon Mod help request


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I am currently in the process of making a dungeon mod in the CK based on Naxxramas from World of Warcraft. So far, I have built about two thirds of the Military Quarter / Death Knight Wing. Here are some screenshots:








































As you can hopefully see, I am progressing quickly with building the dungeon. However, I do need some help. Specifically, if someone can extract the monster models for the bosses and enemies from WoW and get them to work in Skyrim and make a resource pack, I can implement them into the mod. I could do it myself but it would be unrealistic as it would take a while and I have to spend a lot of time building the dungeon, navmeshing, scripting etc. etc. Weapons would be nice as well, but I don't expect any armour since it's a pain to do.


If you are a lover of World of Warcraft, of Naxxramas, and want an extremely challenging and massive dungeon introducing into Skyrim for your character to fight through, please consider helping, since there is a lot more to this than simply building a dungeon. I need help with scripting as well, so if anyone can do that then please be my guest. Theoretically I could do it on my own but it would be too much work.


Anyway please leave a comment and if you're willing to help let me know.

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Because this looked so awesome I decided to see if I can help in anyway. So I tried to look for Kel'Thuzad's files as a test and I succeeded! Here is the problem though: I have no idea what is needed to get it to work as I have zero knowledge in 3d objects. So what I did is I attached two files: The first contains the .obj exported file along with the textures. The second one contains all the files the game uses to render the object.


Now, I noticed in the second folder the existence of the animation files (I guess) so if the .obj did not contain them I hope those can help somehow!


If someone could give me a feedback on this, I'll probably be able to supply the necessary files of all the bosses at once.

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Hey Voidblade, thanks for giving the matter some attention. If you do find out how to get them to work properly in Skyrim, please can you rip the models for the monsters that inhabit Naxxramas - for example, the Nerubian Crypt Horrors, Plague Slimes, Abominations and Wights - as well? It would be greatly appreciated.


In the meantime I'll have a look around the internet for a way to make it work.

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A little update:


There are few issues here and there. I have two WoW versions, one is US (Installed content is up to MoP, before Blizzard changed the way they have the game's files stored) and EU (Up-to-date). Why am I mentioning this? Simple, the released version of WoW Model Viewer works up to MoP which has the options to change the way you export the files while the beta verion that works with WoD does not. The old (release) one allows you to export the animation you want as well as the extension of the file. I'm assuming the beta version exports the animation too but I'm not sure.


I tried to use the released version with my US region files but the application complained and wanted to update the files (Which in turn will get me the WoD files and then...will not work), so I opted with beta version and hoped for the best.


I imported the .obj file in 3ds max and was able to convert it to .nif. Probably because I have no idea how to use 3ds max (Because that was the first time I loaded it) but I did notice the absence of animation.


The attached file contains this nif along with the textures. I hope someone can try it out in CK and give me some feedback.


P.S. I did export the file "With the animation".



Edit: Something I forgot to mention, the tutorial seemed to be aimed to used for WC3 as the all the tools were using extensions used by that game.

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Yeah, I did notice that but it was the closest thing to a tutorial I could find. Thanks for having a look. I just wanted to let you know I'm having trouble of my own making the mod.


You see, I want to give the enemies absolutely massive health pools - in the hundreds of thousands, possibly in the millions for bosses, to be a challenge for super-high level characters that deal damage in the thousands per attack, and since you can level up indefinitely now with the Legendary skills, having enemies with only a few thousand health just isn't challenging at all. Anyway so I created Instructor Razuvious as an Imperial fella in Stalhrim armour (lol) and tried to set his health offset, but it won't go above 32700 and something. I tried to set him to scale level, still wouldn't go above that, and when I set his level to 2900 his health goes into negative numbers for some stupid reason. So basically I can't give him more than 32700 and something health, which is really grinding my gears.


To add to the frustration, there are no guides that outline this specific problem anywhere and I've been searching all day. However I did notice that when I loaded him up in-game with the Deadly Dragons mod loaded up, his health rocketed up to something like 527,000, which isn't bad, but my super-character still killed him relatively quickly. What that showed me is that, somehow, it's possible to boost an NPC's health, maybe with scripts, so I need to find out more.


Anyway, thanks again Voidblade for your efforts so far, if you can stay committed and dedicated to it, it will be worth it in the end. xD

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