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Help with Papyrus

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So recently I've been getting a lot of ctd's so I thought the first thing I should do is enable papyrus and check the logs to see what's causing it. The only problem is the logs don't show up when I get a ctd. I put the following lines in my skyrim.ini file :
I put these lines in the skyrim.ini file under Documents/My Games/Skyrim and also the one under common/skyrim/skyrim. So what I'm wondering is if I'm doing this wrong or if I'm being dumb and can't see the logs. Side Note: these aren't ctd's on startup these are like I'm running through any number of places (Whiterun, Solitude, the random wilderness, etc.) and it just closes, no freeze just instantly deactivated. Like lolnope, no warning whatsoever. Also, if it affects the response, I am using Mod Organizer.
Below is my load order:





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