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Q:can i use SAM and play a Female?


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i want my npcs to be customizable with SAM while i am playing a female PC... the problem is that when i tried this... my female char got invisible!!


did i do something wrong or SAM dosent support Female PC??


Go to the development thread for SAM, there's a script fix that Vector made some time ago concerning this issue. And he posted it there, I believe. Or its still in the main SAM thread, your going to have to look through the whole thing, but I know its there, since I was the one who found that whole.. tiny woman issue lol, And you aren't really invisible, if you look at the ground your pc is there, she's just the size of a finger LOL 


Hope that helps :) 



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lol so u mean she is tiny?? i knew i was there cause i could move and jump and things...but i could not see me!  do u happen to have the link? cause all i can find is a huge forum in a site! is that the right one?


Latest version is here: http://www.ladymoiraine.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;cat=34


It didn't fix it right away for me, though, as I stupidly had saved the game while being tiny. Luckily it was just to set the Height back to 100 through showracemenu. And she has not become tiny after that :)

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ill be okay with only the core file from there or do i need anything else?  thanx for the help guys btw!


seems its the same file i was using.. i mean same version..


Core and textures is what you want. The armor is just bonus. The daedric armor is really cool, but at the same time it's a bit weird seeing many of the guards running around only in thongs and helmets  :P



Try the file listed in the last post here. It looks like a later version than the one listed on the download-page.

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