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Request:Skyrim Katia Managan Race [Mod] Modding


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Again.I know this is simple for a modder but for me.I have no idea what i am doing an am screwing this up.All i am requesting is someone mod a few things for the Katia Managan Race mod.


1.Need a new nude meshe & Texture  that can be changed to HD graphics.

Make the nude Texture configureable to that of other Khajiit modifications.(By this i mean.The Khajiit head an body remapped Meshes so it streches around the head of Katia correctly.)Fit on her head.Meaning you can take any Female Khajiit head Textures an they can match around the ears an head.This meaning if you find a body CBBE,CHSBHC,or UMP types.They can still work on her body even with TBBP Meshes.


2.Armor clothing body compatibility.Clothing will normally fit but helms will not.Hoods have to be customized.Surely there is a way someone can make it so the head will alighn for the skull of the character.Please make the adjustments.I would also request that for clothing for the DLC Rieklings as well.So i can put different clothing and Armor on them.


3.Remove the Painted fur Braw and Panties.It was bad enough the textures were bad but when using both mods.BODYShapes (Nexus)and Familiar Faces (Nexus).Having this follower a a companion.Some meshes or Textures will not show.An the character seems to be compatible to some extent but complete compatibility is requested.


4.DawnGuard Armor compatibility as well as Dragonborn Miraak`s Helm Armor fitting in a Toonish way.


That is all i am asking.Please post that you are working on this.So others can aid you in completing this.

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