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Sexlab Voice Registry Failing, Help Please

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I am adding some moans to a mod.  What should be really easy has confounded me for the past several hours.


I have this code:

scriptname CariSexSoundScript extends sslVoiceFactory

Sound Property CariHotSM Auto
Sound Property CariMediumSM Auto
Sound Property CariNormalSM Auto

function RegisterCariVoices()
    debug.trace("Cari Sexlab Sounds Registered slots = " + Slots)

function Cari1(int id)

And I have this error:

[03/07/2015 - 02:04:16AM] RegisterVoice Registering Cari1, slots None
[03/07/2015 - 02:04:16AM] RegisterVoice Registering EnglishFemaleA, slots [sslvoiceslots <SexLabQuestRegistry (060664FB)>]
[03/07/2015 - 02:04:16AM] Error: Cannot call Register() on a None object, aborting function call
    [CariSexSounds (1F000D68)].CariSexSoundScript.RegisterVoice() - "sslVoiceFactory.psc" Line 24
    [CariSexSounds (1F000D68)].CariSexSoundScript.RegisterCariVoices() - "CariSexSoundScript.psc" Line 8

Note the first line.  I added a trace line to sslVoiceFactory.psc like this:

   debug.trace("RegisterVoice Registering " + Registrar + ", slots " + Slots)

Somehow or other, sslVoiceFactory.Slots is null for me.  However, it is not null for for sexlab voices nor Nusbie which are in the log right after.


Its like I am subclassing a different instance of sslVoliceFactory.


Can someone shed some light on this?


I have attached the full log for completeness.


Thanks in advance.



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Problem is solved.  I downloaded another voice mod and used it as an example.  However, it is missing a critical call to PrepareFactory().  How it works I have no idea, but when I looked at sslVoiceDefaults, I noticed a call to "PrepareFactory()" at the start of the LoadVoices() function.


Adding this PrepareFactory() call fixed the problem and all is good.

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