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[request] Iaido animation

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That looks like either the DR (Deadly Reflex) or  UV (Unnecessary Violence) animation MOD sets that have decapitation, body parts breaking off.


I know that the decapitation mod in that video is Deadly Reflex, but I'm looking for the animation player character uses in that decapitation scene, not mod that allows decapitations. Deadly Reflex itself only comes with 1 one-handed animation that is forward thrust and not the quick draw/iaido animation PC uses.


EDIT: I was wrong. Deadly Reflex 6 comes with power attack animations, but none of them is what I'm looking for.

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Yes, I understood what you meant. I was mearly pointing to a potential set that may have had the PC animation you are looking for.


Have you checked DMC Stylish - Animation Replacer by beni? Other than that you'll have to DL various animation MOD sets from Nexus or other sites and review them for power attacks. (I have a mannequin.nif just for doing that; reviewing animation files applied to it via NifSkope.)

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