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How to get a list of creature animations (Papyrus)


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So I have FNIS installed and creature animations work fine.


The problem is function GetAnimationsByTag returns only male+female animations (no creatures), and all other functions don't even include arguments for creatures.

Even searching animation by name returns "none":

sslBaseAnimation ExampleAnimation = SexLab.GetAnimationByName("(Bear) Doggystyle")

At the same time when I make a thread, just add 2 actors (PC and some creature) don't set any animations, SexLab finds them on its own perfectly fine.


Feel like I'm missing something.

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There is currently no "official" support for selecting your own creature animations in SexLab. These functions are being officially added in 1.60 however.


In the meantime, you can still do it on current versions of SexLab, but in an "unofficial" way, in that I make no promises continued use of this method won't be broken in future updates.


; // By Name
sslBaseAnimation ExampleAnimation = SexLab.CreatureSlots.GetByName("(Bear) Doggystyle")

; // By Race
sslBaseAnimation[] BearAnimations = SexLab.CreatureSlots.GetByRace(2, BearRace)

I don't guarantee the function arguments on CreatureSlots won't change or go away completely, same goes for any function called through a property within the SexLabFramework script, if these functions are changed in an update, I'll typically update the accessor function in SexLabFramework.psc to adapt to whatever the changes are in order to not break current mods.





In the upcoming SexLab 1.60, these new creature functions will be made available through the traditional means:


; // Creature animation search
sslBaseAnimation[] function GetCreatueAnimationsByRace(int ActorCount, Race RaceRef)
sslBaseAnimation[] function GetCreatueAnimationsByRaceKey(int ActorCount, string RaceKey)
sslBaseAnimation[] function GetCreatueAnimationsByRaceGenders(int ActorCount, Race RaceRef, int MaleCreatures = 0, int FemaleCreatures = 0, bool ForceUse = false)
sslBaseAnimation function GetCreatureAnimationByName(string FindName)
sslBaseAnimation function GetCreatureAnimationByRegistry(string Registry)

; // Custom creature races registration
string function GetRaceKey(Race RaceRef)
string function GetRaceKeyByID(string RaceID)
function AddRaceID(string RaceKey, string RaceID)
bool function HasRaceID(string RaceKey, string RaceID)
bool function HasRaceKey(string RaceKey)
bool function ClearRaceKey(string RaceKey)
bool function HasRaceIDType(string RaceID)
bool function HasCreatureType(Actor ActorRef)
bool function HasRaceType(Race RaceRef)
string[] function GetAllRaceKeys()
string[] function GetAllRaceIDs(string RaceKey)

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