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Problem with breast size between nude and armored


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Having a problem with the breast size of my character.


I recently installed xp32 skeleton 2.44, followed by Unified UNP 1.1, using 7Base bombshell


When equipping any converted armors they actually reduce the size of the characters breasts slightly. Below are some examples. Notice the shape of the breasts compared to the wooden post behind them. (I have havok collision turned off, so the hand isnt doing anything)
















Also havent dug into it much, but getting this weird vagina texture isssue






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Well when it is an armor that occupies the 32 biped slot or otherwise known as the "Body" that armor itself has its own body attached to it which probably isn't your exact one so you need to convert it to your type.

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Its not just this outfit, but pretty much all of them.  The outfits are for the 7Base body, which is what im using with unified UNP.  This only happens when using the xp32 skeleton with unified unp.  When I go back to an older skeleton and body, everything works fine.

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Switch to CBBE with body slide 2 and outfit studio.


You can use the UNP style body in the options menu then batch build out all the outfits for that style body.

That means every single bs2 compatible outfit will match the same size of the slider weight!


Ex: if you're at breast size 1 in game and you bring up ~showracemenu and change it to 2, the armor will resize with the breasts.


This also means that the armor will not "collapse" breasts and make them smaller. (some cbbe armors do this but only because a tight fitting armor piece is more constricting than wearing a loose-fitting shirt)

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UUNP tries to replicate the bodies as closely as possible to make it so you can use one setup to make a bunch of bodies, so it might not be exact.


The clothing will use it's own body mesh unless you convert it, For some outfits, the nipples will be moved backwards so they don't poke out, in order to make the clothing fit better.


Also it looks like you're using the UUNP HDT + body which requires a UN7B compatible texture. That's why there's the spot between the legs.

You'll need to find a UN7B texture to use or use the UUNP HDT and not the plus version.


Another option is UUNP Special and using texblend to make your texture compatible.



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