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using creation kit to set face presets


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I surfed around the web to find some face presets that I wanted to use for my character and I did find a few. 

I've been given the .npc file of the preset to work with, along with mods and textures used to create the preset.

I went ahead and used creation kit to import the .npc file so I could make the .esp for the preset but when I look at the preview of the preset,

almost nothing changes, (the eyes, skin color changes). 


I've been stuck here for a while and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong D: 

I feel like I'm not loading the correct data from creation kit.

I've tried Skyrim.esm only, Skyrim.esm and Racecompatibility.esm,  those two and EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp, none of them seems to make the change.

Not all mods used on the preset shows on the data list for me to load on creation kit, I wonder if that's the problem...

Am I missing a step here or.. just way off?



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