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Some kind of animation problem


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I'm having some sort of problem with the animations of my character but I'm unsure exactly what is causing it. The main problems causes are that when ever the arm-binder is equipped my characters arms just stay in their normal positions as with the hands disappearing. And when ever she a sex animation is triggered the participants just stand next to each other fixed for a few minuets the sound files still playing in the back ground. 


I have SKSE 1.7.1 and FNIS 5.2 with everything else in the game appearing fine and the saying that all mods are installed correctly and working. (I have also checked the in game mod options and made sure that the Zaz animations, SexLap and Devious devices files are activated properly).


I had difficulty getting my load order as a single text document for some reason so I have print screened it and included it as a picture.




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Im pretty Sure the Problem comes from your Loadorder, cause Devious Device Integration and Devious Deviants schould be Loaded before Assets, Like this.


Devious Devices - Integration.esm
Devious Deviants.esp
Devious Devices - Assets.esm
Devious Devices - Expansion.esm


Sexlab Aroused and ZAZ Anim pack should come right after Sexlab, cause its requirement for many other Mods and as far as i know SL is a Requirement for ZAZ not reverse. Try this.




Try Modify your Loadorder right or Use a Tool Like Loot or Boss to do so.


LOOT: https://loot.github.io/

BOSS: https://boss-developers.github.io/


But keep in Mind the Tools doesn't know all the Mods you have you have to Sort a Few by yourself.

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Ok, well i know that sometimes the SD Mods can Conflict with Devious and i see you use SD Cages, try to Disable it, then generate a new Behavor in Fnis and look for any Progress in Game. Well Sd Cage doesn't require SD but you never know, It's worth a try.


If that does not Help try generate a Papyrus Log, he may Log your Problem and helps to Point you to the right direction. the second Post on this site will tell you How to.




Moving the Devious Mods down the Order can even Work too, but don't have to.


Well if you got a Log i can take a look, maybee i see something interresting in it that may help you.



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FNIS Sexy Move does a lot Work to your Papyrus, mostly Skript Related, seems that FNIS could not register the Animations to your Character cause it Conflict with the Sexy Move Mod. Well im no Pro in Reading the Log, i can be wrong, but. As you Update FNIS you Update Sexy Moves too ??? If not i would Recommend to do so, First try to reset the SL Animation Library, go to Sexlab MCM, Reset and Clean and you will see it. And if that does not Help try to Disable Sexy Moves and see Ingame for any Progress. Keep in Mind to save the Related Papyrus Logs, they are realy good for uncovering Problems Ingame.


Hope i could Help


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You HAVE FNIS 5.2, but have you RUN it?

The FNIS SM Papyrus error indicate exactly what you see (or not see) with the custom animation: FNIS wasn't properly run.


Haven't you seen an error message box when you started the game?

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Right then, I think I've got it working now and the animations look like they are functioning properly. It turns out that the problem was that FNIS files weren't in the right location so it couldn't connect properly to the animations.


Thanks for the help guys 

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