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Sex Restraining Animations / Ryona


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this may sound wierd but i wonder if theres any ideas for any ryona features


like for example your character when damaged enough she could get grabbed into a restraining move where you have to struggle or give up.... for one i like bear hugs...


another could be that you get staggered or stun and wouldnt be able to move for awhile and enemies use this opportunity to grab / restrain you


or for sex animations there would be a rapist who would concentrate on keeping your arms locked ensuring you dont escape while another rapist have his way with you...




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I am not sure what "Ryona" is but what you describe sounds similar to several mods that already exist on here. See Defeat and Submit in particular, and perhaps some of the mods under the Devious Devices umbrella. If it is not that you just haven't looked at any mods yet, but what you want doesn't seem to exist, it might be good for you to describe how all these other mods miss the mark for what you are looking for.

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  I think they may be asking for a more immersive type transition into a sex scene. Wouldnt it be great to see a cut scene where instead of just stoping and beginning the sex (like in Defeat.) we got a kill shot type animation where the girl is tossed to the floor and stripped or grappled etc.

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