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Merge texture missing


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can see you, that meant I with bring together of mods, without precise knowledge arise always error! it is possible to correct some, but there are certain factors that may prevent this. an important point is the ESP file, is it incorporated wrong, then you can not change anything in the folders, because the ESP does not recognize this change.


edit: I install all my mods manually, it is very difficult in this way. but this I have good experience to make manual changes in my game.

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Are there .bsa files associated with the mods you are trying to mege? If so, I am fairly certain that you need to extract those bsa files into lose files in order for the merged mod to be able to load those assets.


That's what I said, maybe, sorta, hmm. :s


Many mods have a paired .bsa and .esp and no .esm. We probaly where saying the same thing, just in different ways.

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