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[req] devious crime


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How about this: 250gold per device. (configurable in MGM)


I think This would be a great idea.

bounty = 1000
"I submit, take me to jail" -> go to jail and get 4 devices locked on (keys are confiscated ofcourse)
"pay of bounty" -> get half of the devices (2devices)
"I realy don't have time for this, can't we figure some thing out?" -> this takes your original number of devices that would be equiped (in this case 4) and multiplys it by x (MGM configurable) for example 2. so you get 8 devices


bad news, I lack modding skills.

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I don't know it's Working well or not, because I just made it with TESVEdit and my English is not good too  :-/ .

Just belted when go to jail after caught by The Guard.

I made a keyless belt and collar so... force or ask for help to someone in Skyrim like Capture Dream I guest. 

Just ESP file, choose only 1

Many thanks for Vinifera7 for Vnis crime and gold, Min, all Devious Modder, Yurrik, I saw how to make a Keyless one  :)


Devious Crime.rar

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