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Random Distribution of different Armor Replacers


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I'm wondering if there is a mod witch randomly replaces armor from different replaces?


For me its getting kind of boring to see everybody in the same armor over and over again. I want more differentiation in Skyrim. Every female bandit wears always the same leather armor. I would like it much more if the first bandit i encounter has a lore friendly version of the leather armor and when the second bandit charges from the side to help the first bandit and wears the skimpy version of the leather armor.


Of couse it musnt be just lore friendly and skimpy, i just used that for easier understanding but I think everybody knows what i want. A Random distribution of different armor replacers.


I dont care so much if the armors always look the same on my character or look like they did on the Npcs. Primarly I care about the variety of armors.


There is a mod (Everbodys Different i think its called) which lets you get different skins randomly distributed on the Npcs. Its works with a java program. Isnt something similar possible with armours?


In terms of memory usage I'm certain my PC will have enough power to handly it. After all, gpu usage would depend heavily on the amount of installed replacers, so if its too much, uninstalling some replacers would help.


Thank you for any information, i havent found any mod which does that or anything similar.



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Actually that gave me an Idea: wouldnt it be possible to add all the armor i want to the leveled list and than have them ingame on the npcs?

I found a mod named Effortless Leveled List Creation and with that it should be fairly easyly be possible to add armors to the NPCs.


As far as i understand only non unique npcs like bandits would get those armors and not unique npcs with a name. But thats fine, I just install one pretty armour mod (like immersive) for the unique NPCs and all those bandits, vampires and so on would all get different (like for instance skimpy) outfits.


What I would need to do is, in case it is a replacer pack, rename all those armors and then add them to the folder (or find a standalone pack). But that seems to be a one time work and would be fine with me.


Normally I would just try it out and tell if its working, but I'm away from my gaming PC for the next 2 weeks, so i have to ask: Did I miss something why this wouldnt work?


Thank you


Edit: Well after reading it again my first sentece sounds like I was rephrasing your sentence and make it sound like that was my whole idea :D. That wasnt my intention :D. I only wanted to know if it is that easily done and if I'm getting it right.

And because I don't know how to say it in another way without rewriting everything i added it here :)

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Ok now i feel stupid. I found lootification but i must have read the description totally wrong and thought it did something different.



Then on the other hand, shouldnt Wrye Bash automatically create leveled lists? Havent used wrye bash (or to be honest skyrim) for a long time and may have forgotten some things... Means if i install a replacer and one standalone pack shouldnt the bashed patch merge those leveled list and make the items available in chests and on npcs?

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