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New-ish and extremely confused


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As I am looking through the mods I want they all have requirements to run, I go to just the first required program and it has a list of requirements as well How many things are required for this stuff? Am I going to spend the next week downloading, installing, and working with hundreds of programs and files just to see some sexy stuff in Skyrim?


Oh and Hi, great site lol

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Creature Features are incorporated into More Nasty Critters already. And, seeing that The Animal Mansion also requires More Nasty Creatures, you don't need to install Creature Features at all. Just install the four requirements that The Animal Mansion asks for.

Are you completely new to Skyrim? Then download Mod Manager and its manual, it might save you countless hours on mods installation.

Also, everyone has a fetish, bro. Not need to call yourself a "dirty fucker" or anything ;). As long as you keep it as just a fantasy, I'm cool with it, and everyone else here probably does too.

Have fun!

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Hey, welcome fellow pervert and don't give up :D

One tipp: Learn, how to use Mod Organizer and use it for installing. You'll just have to install your skyrim once. And soon you'll see, that many many mods have the same basic requirements (eg SKSE, FNIS, Fuz Ro Doh, Or the SLF for mods from this site), that you just need to download once to serve all mods that need them.


So at first, it looks like a huge pack of mods, but I have about ten basic mods as requirements and now I don't even really need to look anymore what the requirements for new mods are :) I just can be quite sure, that I've already installed them.

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Hmm, easier to use would be the Nexus Mod Manager, but more helpful (especially on longterm modding) definitely is Mod Organizer. Even though you're totally new to modding and PC software I would suggest you try to learn using the MO, I promise it's definitely worth the effort and after one month modding, you'll thank me for that advice ;)


Btw,  for creature reshaping, you only need two mods: More Nasty Critters (+requirements) for male creatures and maybe Better Shaped Female Creatures (+ requirements) for female ones.


And there also is a very good guide for beginners, how to install, tweak and mod Skyrim to enhance its usablity, stability and general look: S.T.E.P. Work your way through it. During that time you'll execrate me for that tip (and this will be a few hours ;) ) but afterwards Skyrim will be less buggy, better looking and it already includes some of the general required basic mods and programs (eg SKSE, SkyUI, Fuz Ro Doh, ...). And you will learn how to use MO, together with 3rd party tools, that will enhance Skyrim even more.

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I get confused REALLY easily with stuff like this so for now I am just going to go with one thing and get it running. The one I chose was the More Nasty Critters. I downloaded the Five files, clicked Install a New Mod in MO and selected each one. But looking through everything I feel my mind getting incredibly overwhelmed again and I can't seem to figure out where to go from here :-/


It said I needed SexLab for more nasty critters but then it also says to load the files into sexlab. What about MO then? And looking the page for SexLab is making me more overwhelmed with the dozens of plugins and other programs and requirements for them and.... *sigh* damn it, I've never wanted to give up on something this quickly before

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