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  1. I use MO2 - I updated AAF today, choosing "replace" in MO2. AAF is stuck at 30% now (it was working perfectly before) Any suggestions? EDIT - problem sorted on discord - a huge thank you to everyone who helped. You guys and girls are awesome.
  2. I have been successfully using AAF in my current game, using MO2 as my mod manager. I just installed a pack of racemenu presets, and changed my PC's face preset using looksmenu. Now, my PC is invisible in all animations (solo and with a partner). The NPC however does render correctly. What have I done? And how do I fix this? This is a totally new problem that I have never seen before. EDIT - Never mind, I read someone else had this problem, and changed the hairstyle in looksmenu. That fixed it. Seriously weird.
  3. That is normal behaviour for just about all mods in the MCM when you start a new game. You have to go through all your installed mods (while in game in the MCM) and enable or adjust settings every time you begin a new game. You get used to it when you roll new characters often.
  4. Not sure if Ashal is aware, but someone has posted sexlab to nexus (as a Portugese translation). There is no mention anywhere in that "mods" description that he/she has permission from Ashal. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35965?tab=description
  5. For a while as a kid (can't remember the age) I was convinced that in the old days people saw in grey. not colour. Most non-fiction books were illustrated with black and white photos, so my dumb kid mind concluded that was how everyone actually saw back then. I had no explanation for how or when this changed.
  6. Fallout 4 "vanilla" is the most unimmersive game. 210 years after the bombs and there are literally thousands of structurally sound houses and other buildings boarded up with sheets of plywood over windows. Everyone living in rusty jury-rigged shacks and all these perfect houses boarded up. Heck with rocket boosted sledge hammers and all the other tools lying around, how hard is it to pry the boards off and open up those houses. That is one aspect that I have always hated about fallout 4. I know, their game engine is basically an outdated piece of shit, and the houses are just empty place holders for performance reasons.
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