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[Request] Stocks in towns for public sex/humiliation


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The idea is some permanent stocks placed in towns where the victim/prisoner is stripped and locked up in a bent over position, putting them at the mercy of any passers-by.


It seems like it would be possible by cutting/splicing some existing animations, along with using spectator crowds to draw assailants/interested parties.


However, I'm not a modder, so I don't know if this would be feasible or not. Seems like getting the stocks themselves modded in and keeping the victim trapped throughout without them magically teleporting into a different animation may be the most difficult parts.


Just throwing that idea out there to see if it sticks.

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I plan to do this for random NPCs, but currently i am still working on the basic framework.

But once i have that, i think it shouldn't be hard to create new AI packages using it.

Basically, it should allow the NPCs/player to use any furniture (of appripriate type) that is placed anywhere in Skyrim.

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