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What? It's right there in the second paragraph:



Many commands are targeted: this means that you may use player.command to affect the player character; for example, type player.setav carryweight 1000 will set the Player's Carry Weight at 1000. Or, you may want to target the NPC/actor, by first typing prid <RefID>, Enter. Then, type the command by itself, setav carryweight 1000, to affect the NPC, specified by RefID (Note: including the zeroes at the beginning of the RefID when targeting NPCs may produce a "command not found" error. That can be evaded though by placing the RefID in quotes, e.g. "000A2C94".setav carryweight 1000 will set Lydia's Carry Weight at 1000).



The thing about setav carryweight is that the value you set will not be carried over when you reload your save. Using forceav carryweight permanently sets the carryweight to the value you want.

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