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Requesting Japanese translator for a mod


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As the topic says, I'm looking for someone to help out with my next mod by providing a Japanese translation of its text.  My own understanding of Japanese is good enough to audit a translation for contextual accuracy, but not good enough to do any translating of my own (at least, not anything better than Google Translate).  I'm hoping for a Japanese translation that reads like proper Japanese, and not the Japanese equivalent of "Engrish".  Also hoping to keep this in the LL domain.


I will forewarn that the mod in question does have adult references, though it is not itself inherently NSFW per se.


Thanks in advance!


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So you want from English to Japanese? I wish the Japanese mod makers would think like you. It's like they don't give a fuck about us heathens and keep the mods they make just for themselves.


It's not that we think you're heathens or that we don't care about you, it just the language barrier. Learning English takes a lot of time. Both Japanese and English are very diverse languages when it comes to grammar. While English is taught in schools, there aren't many scenarios that really push one to use it. ( At least where I come from ) Basically it goes in one ear and out the other. Many great mods such as Falskaar and Interesting NPCs are only in English. If anything, like you with your inconvenience, we also have trouble getting a person with the time to translate from one language to another. All in all there are mods that we both want to have, but are stopped because of a language barrier. You want Japanese mods as I want English mods. All I ask is to please not look down upon us because of the difficulty for some of us.


I would love to translate mods from Japanese to English, but I no longer have the time to commit for a mod. I hope that's understandable.

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My mod has a fair bit of text, but it is effectively 100% in the menu.  I've already got it sorted into the ENGLISH.txt file for convenience.


As far as Japanese mods that aren't in English, the only such mod I am even aware of is an Elin-based mod that I pretty much guarantee almost nobody else here has even heard of.  (Body mods are another story, of course; I myself would pay real money for a certain body mod I saw on skyrim.jpn.org.  But such things need no translation.)  Maybe the original poster was thinking about Chinese mods.


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I have build my translation file using the TesVTranslator program.


After I have visited the a few sites that provide mods in their native language. Russin, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc... it became handy. granted I still do some manual translations using Google and Logic. But the good part is that once I translate the words, I don't have to worry about it later since it keeps track of the translations.


Just incase you are interested: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29148




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Yeah, I did spot that mod at some point or other.  I gather the main benefit it provides is easy translation of text that's embedded in the mod and not part of the ENGLISH.txt file.


Still basically on the lookout for help with the translation, incidentally. ;p

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