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Can't get rid of the exterior fog


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And I use revamped exterior fog, I think I tried the other mod on nexus but it didn't worked. One of them worked before I tried to make my skyrim more stable and now I'm stuck.


Here's a picture so you can see my problem.


Weird thing is, after setting the fog to 0,0 it resets back to its original value when exiting the console... I don't understand what's causing this. Could it be the ENB mist? it's not supposed to look like that !




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I don't know, I only have Climates of Tamriel, the only mods linked to weather are Frostfall, GetSnowy and that's it I think


Edit: Ok so it seems it's CoT causing the issue... I'll try to reinstall it to see if it works

Edit2: disabled CoT, I don't understand how it causes this :(

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I don't know the exacts on anything about it, but I'd assume each weather type in the game has it's own fog values and ranges of it, that are attached to the different calls for weather. 


Revamped Exterior Fog would be replacing vanilla's overcast weather for example, and adding in its own fog values or lack of fog. 

Climates of Tamriel then has its own version of overcast weather, that has its own fog values in it replacing Revamped(which replaced vanilla).


Probably the way you can get what you want is if there's a Revamped Exterior Fog Climates of Tamriel patch.

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Yea I thought so, but unfortunatly there isn't. Maybe I did something wrong installing CoT, but I'd rather use Sounds of Skyrim (even patched for CoT it can causes some issues I suppose) it's more immersive.

I'm back to using K ENB which is my favorite, I forgot about it lol, and it doesn't require CoT to be beautiful in fact the mod author says it would be a bad idea so that's all good for me ^^


But you were right it was a weather mod, so thanks about that ! You saved me some headaches going through each mod to check which one was guilty ! :P

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