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So I was using reanimation spell for funsies one day, then I heard the female moan and I wanted to smash my own ears in that they were horrible.


So I fix it, using some audio samples from Freesound.org, and trim a bit, fixed the ANNOYING echo and converted into a FUZ for Skyrim use.

Took about 20 minutes since I had no idea what I was doing.

But now I've learned to much.. :D I feel so proud of myself.


Link to the sample - (I've heavily edited it though, so it won't have that echo and loudness to it).



I've included a sample mp3 file in a folder, and there's also the original audio track above.




11Linda - for providing a great audio file.

Freesound.org - for hostinig a great number of audio samples.

Audacity - for a great, free audio-editing software.

LaEspada - for converting for use in Skyrim

This work is licensed under the Attribution License.

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