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I'll start by saying that Smite isn't bad.


Now I'll go on to say that, while not bad, it could've been better; items are entirely passive - and their effects aren't particularly creative. There are two slots for "purchaseable skills", true, but those are extremely limited in their function and usually have an incredibly long cooldown time.


The hero design is decent, if uninspired, but the voice acting is (in my opinion) simply terrible.


Hero skillsets aren't crazy either, though they do tend to crank up the numbers whenever a hero is released (Geb and Ao-Kuang are just two examples from the top of my head).


The community is toxic, but it's an EoS-esque game, so that's a given at this point in time.


The pricing model is more than fair, though; all current and future gods for 30$.


All in all, if you're looking for some third-person EoS-esque action - you could definitely do worse than trying out Smite, but don't blame me if you hate it.

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