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Dragon Age: Inq. Tavern music free for two weeks


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I didn't see this posted anywhere, so I thought I would share it, just in case any of you didn't know about it.


Bioware is giving away the mp3's to the tavern music, that you hear the bard's singing in Dragon Age: Inq.


But thats not the good part.   They are also including the sheet music!!!!!


as a keyboard player, I absolutely love this.  I know some of you others are musicians also, so go grab this while you can!



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Added the to Become a Bard" a looong time ago.



Great idea, but then Steam suddenly become an asshole on my end, I've tried several times now, no luck.

Somebody upload it somewhere for me please...please :(


EDIT: NVM! Found the mirror, I didn't read the description page thoroughly *smash rocks to head*


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You, my good sir, are very helpful. My musically-inclined friend is going to a game of D&D with my apartment, and he wants to be a bard.... Now I have sheet music he'll have to play whenever his skills/actions dictate as such  :angel:


I LOVE this idea!    I used to use real life props and stuff like this every chance I got this when I ran D&D. 

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