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Slaverun/Sexlab vs Tropical Skyrim

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During the Slaverun mod, theres at least 2 instances when I need to have sex with a creature.  However, with Tropical Skyrim, most of the animals have been replaced.  As a result, the sex scenes aren't happening.  Ive gotten passed the first one by simply walking out of the cell, but the second one isn't cooperating so easily.  Im going to try just uninstalling Tropical Skyrim for the time being, but is there any way to make Sexlab's animations work with tropical skyrim?

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Guest mayaktheunholy

If the animals aren't working, it's because they aren't accounted for in Sexlab. There would have to be a patch written for Tropical Skyrim for its animals to be used with Sexlab.


Untrue. For the most part, Tropical Skyrim just puts new textures on existing animals. It does not change the race, so sex still works just fine. I run Tropical Skyrim (and have for some time) and have no issues with any creature that has animations. Only concern would be something like Nude Creatures switching them back to the default texture, it's a little jarring.


And you can even get Raptors to work (they use the werewolf skeleton) if you use the SkyMoMod compatibility patch. You don't actually need SkyMoMod, and Raptors will not look right with all werewolf animations.



And there's a Tropical Skyrim Optimized now, removes some of the excess trees and such that were blocking interior areas, haven't had time to test it much but looks like an improvement so far.

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